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A Message From Our Founder

It’s true that when you put your passion into what you love, you’ll never “work” another day in your life.

This boutique creative agency is the intersection of all paths I have pursued in the course of my journalism career. My passions are many: writing, editing, photography, graphic design and presentation topping the list. And Champagne Rain Creative Services lets me combine those skills for the benefit of my clients, who may be seeking compelling content for their own marketing, an unforgettable logo, dynamic website or meaningful editing of a book or other original work, among other things.

As a former reporter, editor, photographer, page designer and manager for a number of metro newspapers and media organizations, I am a proven, multiskilled journalist of high integrity, ethics and standards. I know where and how to find the most relevant and impactful information on a given subject and convey it in fair, balanced and accurate form.

I also understand the need for effective “packaging” of that information. What good is Pulitzer Prize-worthy work if no one bothers to read it? That’s where effective use of typography, graphics, photography and design comes into play.

Whether it’s through an article spotlighting your thought leadership, a trifold print brochure for your business, an inspiring Powerpoint presentation or a multipage website, Champagne Rain Creative Services can deliver what you need.

– Linda Wienandt

Our Skills

We design and produce digital and print projects for individuals as well as for big & small companies. Let us help you build a standout website or presentation, including its content that establishes you and your company as a leader in the field, the one to whom potential clients turn when they need credible, balanced, valuable information and answers to all their questions.

  • Graphic Design / Layout / presentations
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Research & Writing
  • AD Design

Good design will stop, awe, delight and entice the viewer to explore further. Make sure your message behind the packaging is content-rich and so packed with authoritative, valuable information that it leaves a lasting impression and keeps people coming back.

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